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How to Acknowledge CSC Funding At the CSC, we’re proud to support over 100 programs working to support children and families across Broward County. We take that responsibility seriously and our partnership with your agency is important to us. That’s why it’s critical that the public is aware that CSC funding is being used to support programs like yours!

Every funded program has language in their contract requiring it to promote the CSC in a meaningful and visible manner. Improving the CSC’s visibility helps demonstrate your connection with the community, commitment to program sustainability and interest in maintaining the CSC as a dedicated source of funding for programs like yours.

What does this mean to you as a funded provider? At a minimum, all visitors, parents and children using CSC funded services, or taking part in CSC funded activities at any of your locations, must be informed that the CSC funds the programs or services you provide. This document includes helpful tips that, when used properly, spread the word about CSC funding in an effective manner. We believe that these can be easily implemented, but please don’t hesitate to let us know if you experience any challenges.

CSC Logo:

Prominently display the CSC logo in your lobby or foyer. It should be visible from a reasonable distance. Also make sure that you are displaying the most current version of our logo. The logo must be kept free of vandalism or graffiti and should not be obscured from view.

Printed Materials:

Include the CSC logo on the full range of printed materials utilized by your agency that promote programs funded by the CSC or recognize all of your funders. If you need to display the CSC logos alongside others from different organizations, please make sure all logos are the same size and displayed on the same line. In the addendum to this document, we’ve included a chart that provides minimum size requirements for logo usage. Examples of printed materials that should display the CSC logo include, but are not limited to:

  • Annual Reports
  • Event invitations
  • Flyers/pamphlets
  • Learning material
  • Promotional material
  • Stationary/letterhead

Electronic Media:

The CSC logo should be displayed on the full range of electronic media that you use. Today, more than ever, clients are using the internet as a resource for finding information about important services. Examples of electronic media that should display the CSC logo include, but are not limited to:

  • Website (clearly displayed on homepage)
  • Social Media
  • All other Media

Staff Outreach: Your staff, from executive officers to front-line workers, can help spread the word about CSC funding. When you are introducing funded activities or special projects to the public – parents, visitors, media, opinion leaders, etc. – verbally acknowledge the CSC’s role in helping make the program come to fruition and, whenever possible, include a CSC banner.

When logo is not appropriate:

In instances where it is not possible to use a logo, we have suggested wording that you can use:

  • “Supported by the Children’s Services Council of Broward County;” or,
  • ‘This _______ was made possible by financial support from the Children’s Services Council of Broward County.”

Other tips for improving CSC and programmatic visibility:

  • Consider adding a line about CSC funding to your electronic signature on your email.
  • Issue a positive public statement or press release about work that the CSC has funded. Note: please speak with your contract manager before discussing CSC funding with a reporter.
  • Recognize the CSC at events (end of year, end of summer, end of semester) and launches/openings.
  • Include the CSC logo on any speeches or presentations (PowerPoint, etc.) relating to a funded project.
  • Verbally acknowledge the CSC when you explain what your service/project has achieved.
  • Invite a CSC representative to attend an event or program.
  • Include CSC collateral materials in your “goody bags” at special events or community fairs. • “Like” the CSC Facebook page and “share” content relative to your program.

A. Funder Recognition:

  • CSC staff anticipates these tips will be adopted and if they are not included in your ordinary course of business, will discuss ways to improve visibility.
  • The funder recognition provision of the standard CSC contract is listed below:

The Provider shall actively publicize and support the work of the CSC through name and logo inclusion on all funded program materials, client and parent information sessions and forms, banner displays and prominent recognition in Annual Reports, newsletters and other forms of agency and/or program promotion. Provider staff working in CSC-funded programs shall be made aware of CSC support through agency orientation sessions, staff meetings, and other employee communication strategies. Evidence of these efforts will be assessed throughout the term of the contract and may be a factor in future CSC funding recommendations.

B. Foreign Languages:

  • References to the CSC in foreign languages must be consistent. For example, in Spanish, the Children’s Services Council of Broward County (CSC) should always be rendered as listed below. Please check with CSC staff for all other languages.

o “El Children’s Services Council del condado de Broward (CSC).

C. Minimum requirements for printed materials:

  • When using the logos on printed material, please make sure that you meet the following minimum sizes:

Requirements For Printed Materials